Ice Fishing

Best Ice Fishing Line

When it comes to ice fishing, you will need to ensure that you are equipped with a strong, flexible fishing line that can withstand frigid temperatures and abrasive conditions. After hours of being submerged in freezing water, fishing lines can be extremely difficult to cast. When temperatures drop, the reel will become susceptible to freezing over …

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Best Ice Fishing Rods

Ice Fishing is an incredibly unique experience that offers anglers the chance to catch fish in expansive bodies of water without the need of a boat. It is a time-honoured sport that requires a lot of dedication and patience, but it can also be extremely exciting and rewarding. Whatever level of ice fishing you are …

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Best Ice Fishing Boots

Whether you’re a beginner angler who has just heard about ice fishing and wants to give it a try or a seasoned ice angler you need to be prepared for the tough weather conditions associated with this extreme style of fishing. Ice fishing has been the pastime of many anglers who loves a challenge and …

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