Fishing Rod

Ever taken a visit to a fishing store or fishing tackle shop, you likely discovered a complete raft of fishing rods sticking up and out all over the place. They'll likely vary from short, sturdy rods to incredibly long and quite heavy rods. You’ll also see rods that have guides (guides are the rings which are fixed down the rod and essentially “guide” the fishing line) are included for the entirety of the length of the rod. There are also others that have guides which are much bigger and also closer to the handle. Ultimately, what I'm trying to say is selecting the right fishing rod for you can be a big challenge - that's why it's good to get the right help from a place like

The vast majority of modern rods are made from graphite, fibreglass, or a mix of the two of these materials. Both have been used by fishermen for decades, but fibreglass rods have been around for slightly longer. Honestly speaking, fibreglass and graphite rods are both very good options, however it's important to note that both materials also possess slightly different characteristics which can lend themselves to different fishing. Let us guide you through the maze of fishing rod options so you don't get caught out!