Best Jigging Fishing Rods

If you’re fishing with jigs than the most important thing is for you to have the best jigging rod you can. You need a good jigging rod because it’s the part of any setup that moving the jerky up and down to lure the fish and give the jig proper action. It also needs to be sensitive enough to allow the angler to feel even the lightest bite. If you successfully lure a fish and managed to hook it, then your rod needs to be strong enough to fight the fish and haul up your catch from under heavy cover from vegetation or the deep. All of these requirements mean that you need your rod to be lightweight so you can stay comfortable on the water without getting tired, strong enough to handle the vertical jerking motion of heavy jigs, but flexible enough bend completely to fight the fish without snapping, you need a rod with a lot of backbone to handle the more aggressive fish like snook, redfish, halibut, and grouper.

Best Jigging Rods

You also want your rod to be durable enough to last you a long time, and that means you need excellent craftsmanship to have gone into the construction of your rod. It can be hard when you first see the number of options available to separate the cheaper rods from affordable but high-performance rods especially if you’re a beginner angler. We’ve taken care of that for you, this guide will take you through some of the best options currently available right now, show you some of the features to look out for and answer some of your questions.

Top 5 Best Jigging Rods


SHIMANO Trevala Casting Rod


Shimano is a well-respected brand and it’s easy to see why when their rods combine modern construction with old fashioned durability. Their innovative rods are incredibly strong and flexible, but also lightweight and it’s no wonder that so many anglers think they’re the best out there. If you combine this rod with a reel with high-speed gear ratios than your fishing setup would be very powerful and capable of handling some of the bigger fish easily.

The rods are also excellent for throwing butterfly jigs thanks to how lightweight the rod is. The rod is composed of a high carbon butt and a TC4 tip and Shimano have used TC4 construction to make this rod feel balanced and easy to use without tiring especially in the back or shoulders, it’s easy to cast butterfly jigs some distance with this model and it’s easily sensitive enough to detect even light bites and still respond quickly and efficiently. 

The rod includes Fuji aluminum oxide line guides which help the line run smoothly and reduces the line wear. The guides are tough and enhance the overall longevity of the rod. The handle is comfortable to use and combined with the great balance relieving pressure on the shoulders and back this rod offers a comfortable and sturdy grip without tension in the wrist and hands. The strength of this rod has also been optimized by the TC4 construction as the rod is tough enough to handle the aggressive fish like groupers even under heavy cover or from the bottom. The rod also subdues fish faster than similar options on the market due to its fast recovery rate.

You can throw all kinds of baits and lures with this rod, and the casting distance is pretty decent all round. The rod has a sleep fishing and looks amazing when you’re out on the water if you want to invest in your gear than this model gives a lot of bang for its buck. It’s a great sensitive rod that you’ll love using and have a lot of fun with.


  • Great rod if you’re going to be fishing for long periods

  • More sensitivity than in a lot of similar options

  • Available in different lengths and as a spinning rod or a casting rod

  • Excellent construction and durable

  • Lightweight


  • 1 pcs rods can be hard to transport if you want portability there are other options

SHIMANO Trevala Casting Rod
  • TC4 Construction
  • Fuji New Concept Sic Guides
  • Fuji Reel Seat
  • Eva handle grips


Okuma Fishing Tackle Okuma Cedros Jigging Rods, CJ-C-661MHa


If you want high-quality rods that aren’t going to break the bank than Okuma is an excellent place to go. This rod is a great option if you want to go after large saltwater monsters, as it’s both durable enough to handle the ocean and strong enough to fight the aggressive fish species. The rod has glass blanks which makes it very strong and the rod is capable of going after large fish because of its incredible lifting power. If you want lightweight then this isn’t the rod for you as it is a little on the heavy side due to the glass blank construction. However, Okuma has endeavored to keep the rod as comfortable to use as possible and have included an ergonomically-shaped anodized aluminum reel seat and a durable ribbed grip made from EVA which more than makes up for a little bit of extra weight.

This is a great option if you want to use braid for your line fishing as there is very little stretch with this rod and its strength and design work well with braided line. The rod is excellent at absorbing the shock from the braid, and Okuma has included feature zirconium guide inserts and stainless-steel guide frames to make the line run smoothly and minimize friction.


  • Braided line is a favorite among anglers and this rod is designed to be used with braid

  • Available in spinning and casting models

  • Can easily handle the big fish

  • Fiberglass construction makes the rod incredibly durable

  • Comfortable handle


  • Not as sensitive as other options due to fiberglass construction

Okuma Fishing Tackle Okuma Cedros Jigging Rods, CJ-C-661MHa
  • E-glass blank offers incredible pulling power
  • Glass blanks offer shock reduction when using braided line
  • Alps pyramid-shaped 2-tone anodized aluminum reel seat is more ergonomic and offers more control
  • Alps high-rise 316 stainless steel guide frames with Zirconium guide inserts reduce friction from braided lines
  • Cedros rods are Backed by a limited Lifetime Warranty


Fiblink Saltwater 1-Piece Jigging Jig Spinning Rod


If you need a lightweight and tough rod but don’t want to break the bank or sacrifice quality then this may be just what you’ve been looking for. This jigging rod has been designed for vertical in saltwater, and it’s been well-constructed with quality materials. The rod is made from a graphite and fiberglass composite which makes the rod strong and with enough pulling power to go toe to toe with the big fish at the bottom.

The rod is also flexible and lightweight, with enough sensitivity to let you know whenever you’ve got a bite. Its durability is enhanced by stainless steel frames and ceramic inserts with the 5+1 guides, which work well to reduce the line friction and keep it running smoothly. They also give the toughness of the rod a boost with as they’re very strong and robust. The rod is for saltwater use and has a non-corrosive aluminum alloy reel seat which securely locks the reel in place even when jigging or hauling fish. The handle and foregrip are made from high-density EVA which provides a great balance and excellent control while also remaining comfortable.

The rod butt is secured with a gimbal which helps reduce tiredness and keeps you on the water longer. The rod is easily portable thanks to its 2-pcs construction but has the performance of a 1 pcs rod which is a factor many anglers worry about with 2 pcs design.


  • Easy to take with you one the move

  • Strong and durable

  • More than enough power the land the big fish

  • Non-corrosive reel seat that keeps the reel secure even when fighting fish

  • Comfortable handle


  • Bit stiffer than some will be used to which makes casting a little more difficult

Fiblink Saltwater 1-Piece Jigging Jig Spinning Rod
  • Designed specifically for vertical jigging; Versatile enough for various techniques
  • 1-piece graphite-glass fiber composite blank, offers incredible pulling power
  • 5+1 Guides, stainless steel guide frames & ceramic inserts reducing friction from braided lines
  • Aluminum alloy reel seat; Aluminum gimbal butt with rubber cap; High density EVA handle and foregrips; Multi-purpose hook keeper
  • 6’ Heavy | Pieces: 1 | Line Weight: 80-120 lbs. | Lure Weight: 6-12oz. | Rod Weight: 28.7 oz.Fiblink Warranty:One Year Warranty.Just feel free to contact seller directly if there is anything wrong with the Fiblink Jig Spinning/Casting Rod, we will solve your problem as soon as possible.Money back for non-artificial damage and 100% satisfaction service!


PENN Rampage Jig Casting


Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler you’ll find something to like about this option from Penn. With a wide range of lengths and heavy powers this a great rod for heavy bottom fishing, perfect for taking on a boat or for other fishing trips where durability and toughness are your number one concern. This is an incredibly strong rod and it has more than enough pulling power to haul in the heavier species from heavy cover, the rod is well-constructed and if looked after and used properly should last forever.

The glass blank construction of this rod makes it strong and stiff which is just what you want from a boat rod as you need to be able to drop jigs and make god short casts. The whole build is corrosion-resistant so it can stand up to the punishment from saltwater and all the materials are durable and tough. The rod includes stainless steel guide frames which make the lines run smoothly and reduce tangles, the tip of the rod is very strong but excellently sensitive to let you know when you have a bite.

The Fuji aluminum oxide guide inserts and heavy-duty graphite reel seat add to the overall durability of this option. The contoured handle is made from EVA and is very comfortable to use while reliving some of the stress from wrists and hands. The rod is great if you want to target a range of species and is a great all-rounder that’s suited to most jigging techniques.


  • Moderate fast action is suitable for most jigging techniques

  • Comfortable handle 

  • Can handle the larger fish 

  • Versatile and good for a range of species

  • Lightweight and durable 


  • Bit stiffer than most jigging rods

PENN Rampage Jig Casting
  • 1 piece graphite composite blank
  • Fuji aluminum oxide guides
  • Heavy duty reel seats
  • Torque foregrips
  • Rubber gimbals 


Tiger Elite Jig Spinning Fishing Rod


If you need something durable then everyone knows that Ugly Stik should be the first place to look, Ugly Stik is legendary for the strength and durability of their rods. Their rods are pretty much unbreakable and considering the strength of them, they’re amazingly high value. Ugly Stik rods are balanced, well-made and a great addition to any angler’s gear and this is an excellent jigging rod to add to your collection. 

Especially designed with jigging in mind, this graphite composite rod has an incredible amount of power and can pull up large fish easily with no issues. The casting on this model is excellent and the rod can be used from piers or jetties if you wanted to. The high graphite content in the rod makes lighter and gives it more sensitivity than other models, so it’s a good one if you want to have a great feel of jigs. The rod is well built with double-footed corrosion resistant guides and it’s corrosion-resistant so it can be used in both salt and freshwater for more versatility.

The handle on this rod is comfortable to hold with a contoured foregrip made from EVA which is durable and gives a sturdy grip. The construction of this rod is one piece that makes it a little less portable than other similar options available, but the performance more than makes up for the limit on its portability. The rod features a reel seat with stainless steel cushioned reel seat hoods which adds to the toughness of the rod, and the whole package is very fun and easy to use.


  • An affordable rod which still gives a high-quality performance
  • Nearly unbreakable 
  • Corrosion-resistant so can be used in fresh and saltwater 
  • Comfortable handles 
  • Very durable and easy to use 


  • An additional guide closer to the reel would be a useful addition 
Tiger Elite Jig Spinning Fishing Rod
  • The Ugly Stik Tiger Elite rods are versatile rods that can be used across many species from coast to
  • Utilizing Ugly Tech construction, these rods give anglers a significant advantage, and the Ugly Tuf
  • The Tiger Elite series features higher graphite content for lighter weight and increased sensitivit
  • Features: - Ugly Tech construction with added graphite for lighter weight, increased sensitivity
  • - Lure Rating: 3/4-4 oz

Best Jigging Rods Buying Guide

Hopefully, you now know a little bit more about jigging rods, and you may have even found the rod of your dreams already, but if you’re not there yet than don’t worry this section of the guide is what you’ve been looking for. We’re going to show you some of the most important features to keep in mind when you’re looking at buying a jigging rod. The most important thing is to find the right rod for you, so it’s a good start to think about the kind of fish you want to go after, where you’ll be fishing most, and how often you’ll be using your rod. You want to make sure you get the best rod for you and your needs, so keep in mind what will suit you best and won’t go far wrong.


The first thing you need to think about is the action of your rod. Most jigging rods are moderate fast to fast action and have a moderate stiff tip. This is because you need a rod that’s going to let you move the rod to the best lure action so you can nab your fish.


If you’re going after the larger fish then you need to have the power behind you to have a good chance of success. Going for a heavier power rod means that you’ll be able to go after the big fish but there’s no need to sacrifice power for sensitivity and weight. If you pick the right rod you can get a thinner rod made from graphite composites or carbon fiber which look much lighter than the weight they can take. Make sure your rod can keep up with the fish you want to go after and have fun!


Most jigging rods are around 5′ to 6′ which is quite a bit shorter than other types of fishing rods, but you need them short to be able to control the rod and to boost the strength of the rod. You may be able to find a long pole that suits you better, so keep an open mind. If you’re a beginner, it’s recommended to start shorter as they are easier to handle.


What is jigging?

Jigging is when you suspend a jig or ‘weighted lure’ nearly vertically and then move it to look like an injured or fleeing baitfish. This lures the fish out using their natural feeding instinct to coax them to strike.

Why do I need a special rod?

This is simply a case of needing the right equipment for the right technique, you could try jigging with any rod but you wouldn’t be as successful as you would with a proper jigging rod. You need the right lure action and for your rod to be able to cope with the strain of large fish.