Fishing reel

You just can't match seeing your float bob about on a summers dawn morning, with the mist coming in off the lake as all of the wildlife wakes around you - this is actually what I would call heaven! Whether you're looking for a baitcasting reel as a beginner (or a cheap one under $100) or you're looking to catch a big tough musky (which requires a gear that can handle them) we have all in depth guides on specific reels (including crankbait reels) covered so you can have confidence your reel meets your fishing need.

For a lot of us float fishing was the first way we caught a fish, it certainly was for me anyway. And for those of you who like float fishing (or even for the match fishing enthusiasts), we've pulled together a comprehensive list of the best float fishing reels available on the market today.

One of my favourite reels is the Daiwa Spinning Reel.

Don't be fooled into thinking the best reel for you has to cost you the earth. There are some absolute gems in our review articles, especially these spinning reels, that really won't cost you a fortune! Here you can take a look at an absolute classic that is still a big favorite among the fishing fraternity.