Best Dropshot Rod

If you’re new to the wonderful world of dropshot fishing than finding the right rod can seem very stressful. Since dropshot fishing has been on the rise in recent years more and more brands are putting out rods and trying to find the best ones can be tricky but finding the right one for you is really important.

Using the right dropshot rod can increase the effectiveness of your drop shot, so you can drop a life-like lure directly in front of the fish who stay suspended in the water and catch them more easily. Drop shot fishing has grown in popularity because it’s fun easy to master, versatile, and effective in hard conditions.

Best Dropshot Rod

Many anglers see dropshot fishing as their favorite fishing technique and it’s a great one to try out if you haven’t had a go before.

You need your rod to be sensitive, powerful, great at setting the hook, and most importantly excellent at dropping fish. That might seem like a lot to ask but the perfect rod for you is out there. Most dropshot rods are medium-light, around 7-feet long, and have a fast action tip but don’t close yourself off if this isn’t what you usually go for.

This guide will take you through some of the best options currently available, show you some of the key features to look out for when looking for your rod and answer some of your most important questions.

Top 5 Best Dropshot Rods


Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod, Multicolor, 7'

If you’re after a reliable and versatile rod that can be used with a variety of fishing techniques than this might be the option for you. The smooth, high-quality design of this model makes it a great durable product with an incredibly stable structure to help it handle the fiercer fish.

The rod is lightweight and easy to use which is probably why this is such a popular design. Ugly Stik is known for making high-quality products and this is no exception. It’s durable enough to hold its own and with the proper maintenance, it should last you for years to come.

Ugly Stik has used high-quality materials in the construction of this graphite and fiberglass rod. The innovative use of both graphite and fiberglass makes this rod not only incredibly strong but lighter too thanks to the graphite element. The fiberglass makes the rod steadier and easier to handle, and the two in combination cancel out the disadvantages of each, which helps to make this rod a very attractive prospect in terms of stability and ease of use.

The lightweight element of the rod relives some of the tension on the hands and wrists which means you can fish in comfort for longer, spending all day out on the water even without the risk of injury or fatigue.

If you’re looking to use live bait or other lighter lures than this is a great option for you, the rod comes with a spinning reel that adds strength and steadiness to the rod and helps you cast longer distances. The reel is also very strong which can help pull in the larger loads. If you’re looking for a dependable rod that will consistently perform than this is the rod for you.

The rod is easy to use and suitable for a wide range of fishing techniques making it a wonderfully versatile option, but the high-quality construction makes it one of the more durable and strong options on the market. This option is a lot of fun to use and most anglers would be impressed with the performance level.


  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Very portable
  • High-quality construction and innovative use of materials
  • Very sensitive clear tip design


  • More suitable for warmer weather
Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod, Multicolor, 7'
  • Strong, yet balanced graphite and fiberglass construction
  • Durable ugly tuff one piece stainless steel guides
  • Clear tip design for strength and sensitivity
  • Durable and lightweight EVA grips
  • 2-piece construction


St. Croix Premier 2-Part Graphite Spinning Fishing Rod with Cork Handle

If you’re looking for a premium lightweight rod that’s perfect for lakes or deep bodies of water than you’re in luck with this option from St Croix. St Croix consistently makes excellent quality rods that turn in excellent performances time and again and this option is no different.

The quality of the lightweight design is amazing and the control it gives its user makes it a consistent favorite among anglers. Its black frames bring it up a level in durability and you’ll find that its power makes catching good-sized fish easy, efficient, and a lot of fun.

The rod has been designed for freshwater, but the aluminum oxide guides make it easy to use in rougher conditions and you’ll find no matter where you use it the sensitivity on this model is pretty incredible. Even casting lures over a mile out you’ll still be able to set hooks when you need to without any issue.

The TCS reel seats help to protect your reel and the cork handle is incredibly comfortable to use and helps you set a strong grip when you need to. The lightweight design and cork handle combined helps relieve some of the pressure on your hands so you can fish longer without getting tired.

The superior performance of this rod is partially due to the high-end graphite that it’s made of. The graphite construction reduces the overall weight of the rod and adds to its durability. St Croix wants its customers to believe in their rods and to be able to use them for a long time and this rod certainly stands up to that promise in how stable and durable it is.

The tuned tapers and actions on the rod also encourage better performance from it and the overall quality of this model stands out.

This is a very comfortable rod to use, and it’s easily capable of catching you some amazing fish in a range of sizes. The graphite construction gives the rods its lightweight properties and the fiberglass element makes it very easy to use. The cork handle and the overall quality of the construction make handling the rod smooth and easy.

Most anglers would find something to like about this rod, and if you’re just starting to want to invest in your gear then this is a good one to have a look at.


  • Handles very well due to the lightweight construction
  • Very sensitive
  • Comfortable cork handle that gives an excellent grip
  • Double plating on black frames adds to the durability
  • Great cast and the power to easily set hooks


  • The rod is a bit stiffer than other models because of the inclusion of graphite


Fenwick Elite Tech Bass Spinning

If you’re looking for a great action at a relatively low price than this option from Fenwick might be right for you. The rod offers great performance at an even better price and most anglers would love to have this rod beside them.

Made from titanium, this innovative rod has all the benefits of fiberglass or graphite, but the added benefits of great casting and a high action without raising the price. Fenwick has built some great rods, and this is definitely one of them and is a good chance for a novice angler to get a great rod without breaking the bank.

One of the best features of this particular model is that there’s something from professional and amateur anglers to enjoy, which is mostly down to the superb craftsmanship in the design.

Fenwick has spent a lot of time and effort to design a rod that’s efficient and easy to use from its tip to its handle. The handle itself is designed not to lose functionality even when it's wet and it offers a great grip which is perfect for beginners who may be having trouble finding the perfect grip.

This is a very sensitive rod that can be used to go after the larger fish that are normally hard to lure with the usual bait. The handle is comfortable, but it also stops you from feeling the threads and gives you a better amount of control over your rod.

This is a rod that many anglers love and it’s not hard to see why. The innovative design of this rod has created an excellent quality product that’s lightweight enough to make fishing for longer periods easy but also can go after the big fish. The handle on this model is a particular feat offering a strong and comfortable grip no matter what the weather.

Both beginners and more advanced anglers will be able to enjoy this rod’s balance and power. The rod breaks down into 2 pieces which are great for those looking for something a little more portable so they can catch some great fish wherever they want to.


  • Excellently balanced
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Excellent sensitivity and power
  • Very comfortable handle that gives a great grip even if bad weather
  • Easy to handle


  • Takes a little practice to cast easily
Fenwick Elite Tech Bass Spinning
  • Hidden Handle Design reel seat allows function and comfort to co-exist. Extreme comfort; not seen on the market today; Don't 'feel the threads' of traditional reel seats
  • Titanium frame guides are extremely lightweight and are virtually bulletproof!
  • TAC and cork handle design provides a solid grip even when the handle becomes wet
  • Perfected actions designed specifically for light and ultra light applications


Dobyns Rods Fury Series FR 702SF Medium/Light Power Fast Action Spinning Rod, 7'0', Black/Green

If you just want a rod that’s going to up your drop shot’s success rate, then this fast action option might be the one for you. This rod will let you get down in deep water to hunt for larger fish with no problems at all, and the action technology lets you cast higher than other similar models.

This is a very good rod if you’re looking to fish in large lakes or the sea because it can go very long and take a higher lure weight which ill let you use more bait to target the larger fish.

The fast action on this model makes it the perfect dropshot fishing rod and you’ll be surprised by the sensitivity on this model compared to other dropshot rods you might have used. The inclusion of graphite in this model makes it lightweight ad flexible and the added Kevlar wrappings add to the overall strength and durability of the rod.

This is a good rod to learn on because of the smoothness of the action and the excellent balance on this option both of which make it easier to handle. This rod is a little longer than other options on the markets and this means you can cast longer.

If you’re new to the world of dropshot fishing and willing to invest in a great quality rod than this model will help you learn the ropes quickly and will still give you a lot of fun. More experienced anglers shouldn’t dismiss this rod though, it includes a variety of features like excellent quality cork grip to boost its performance and it’s very well designed and constructed.

This rod will help you catch some great sized fish, and if you’re looking to upgrade a rod in your arsenal than this is a great reliable option.


  • High-quality construction and materials
  • Lightweight and very sensitive
  • Strong thanks to graphite construction and Kevlar wrapping
  • Excellently balanced and smooth
  • Very durable and should last a few years


  • Handles can be hard to grip in bad conditions
Dobyns Rods Fury Series FR 702SF Medium/Light Power Fast Action Spinning Rod, 7'0", Black/Green
  • 7'0" Medium Light Fast Action Spinning Rod
  • 6-12 lb. test
  • 1/8-1/2 oz. lure weight
  • Recommended for Dartheads, Dropshot Rigs, Shaky Heads, tubes & Gitzits


LEW'S Fishing Mach Crush Speed Spin Combo, Spincast Combo, Spinning Reel, Fishing Reel and Fishing Rod, Fishing Gear and Equipment, Fishing Accessories (MCR3070MFS)

If you prioritize quality construction and design in your rod that this is rod/reel combo worth considering. This rod is incredibly strong thanks to the aluminum construction. Aluminum is often used to create strong and reliable corrosion-resistant rods which means you can use this model wherever you want, and it’s not going to rust or get damaged.

The rod comes with a stainless-steel bait wire which can help you catch the larger fish. If you want a rod that you can use whatever the weather than this option has you covered. The reel has speed lube which stops weather from interfering with the performance of this rod and also makes it smoother to use.

This rod is reliable and easy to use, and the use of stainless steel adds to the overall durability of this model. The smooth oscillatory system means it consistently performs at a high level to help you catch the larger fish no matter what the weather.


  • Has an incredibly strong and durable body
  • Very stable thanks to the side plates
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Reliable and comfortable to use
  • Smooth action reel


  • Not the most flexible option
LEW'S Fishing Mach Crush Speed Spin Combo, Spincast Combo, Spinning Reel, Fishing Reel and Fishing Rod, Fishing Gear and Equipment, Fishing Accessories (MCR3070MFS)
  • LEW'S FISHING MACH CRUSH SPEED SPIN COMBO: The spinning reel features a lightweight aluminum body and side plate, and a high strength and lightweight C40 carbon skeletal speed rotor with stainless steel bail wire
  • ZERO REVERSE: Premium 11-bearing system with 10 ball bearings and Zero Reverse one-way clutch bearing
  • SPINNING REEL: Reel features a S-curve oscillation system and a double anodized machined and chamfered knurled aluminum spool
  • FISHING REEL: The fishing reel features a quality solid brass pinion gear, a durable stainless steel main shaft and external stainless steel screws
  • CARBON DRAG SYSTEM: Smooth sealed six-disc carbon drag system

Best Dropshot Rods Buying Guide

You should now have a better idea about the kind of dropshot rod that might suit you, and the sort of options that are available on the market right now. If you’re still feeling a bit overwhelmed and want some more information than this next section is for you.

We’re going to show you some of the most important features on a dropshot rod which you should consider before you make a purchase. Having a good idea about the sort of thing that might suit you is a great way to narrow down your choices and make the right decision first time.


The material of any rod determines the strength and durability of the model and this is the same with dropshot rods. Choosing the right material can help you improve your skills and get a better overall fishing experience. Most dropshot rods are made from fiberglass, graphite, or a combination of these two but aluminum and titanium can also be used.

Graphite rods are normally stiffer and more fragile than fiberglass rods but more lightweight. Fiberglass is more flexible and can generally cast longer distances, but they are often heavier and harder to use. Thinking about where your fishing and whether you need something lighter or a rod with a better cast distance can help you choose between materials. Choosing your rod based on your needs is the best plan.


Power is very important to a rod as it determines what kind of fish you can go after. For dropshot fishing, you need a rod that’s flexible but with enough power to handle the medium-large sized fish easily. Higher power rods can cast further too but can be harder to handle if you’re going after smaller prizes.


Handles are a very important part of how successful you’ll be at dropshot fishing with your new rod because you need to be able to maintain a comfortable and sturdy grip the whole time your fishing. Most handles currently available use foam, cork, or a combination for comfort and stability, but this is down to your personal preference.

The length of the handle is also important because the longer the rod the longer your handle needs to be to allow you more control over long casting.

Best Dropshot Rods FAQ's

What makes a good dropshot rod?

A good dropshot rod will have the features we’ve talked about. The best ones are generally medium-light with a fast action because dropshot fishing is a finesse fishing technique and you need to be able to be accurate and precise.

Hoe expensive are dropshot rods?

You’ll be able to find a dropshot rod in a large range of budgets, so if you’re looking to start dropshot fishing you’ll be able to give it a go without breaking the bank.