Best Lures For Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth bass is one of those annoying fish that are great fun to catch but change their habits all the time so getting a lure that can be relied on to regularly attract this freshwater fish can be a challenge. Smallmouth bass can reach a pretty good size, so you need your bait to be able to handle the bigger sizes and to be durable enough to be used again and again. Novices may be tempted to try cheaper kit but this can have a catastrophic effect on your fishing enjoyment, as cheaper lures tend to get damaged much easier so it’s worth having a look around and finding the best lure possible whatever your price range. 

Best lures for smallmouth bass

A good lure can mean the difference between a successful fishing trip and no bites so taking the time to consider your options is important. Finding the right lure isn’t easy because there are so many different options available to you, and it’s never been a better time to fin attractively priced, good quality lures if you know what you’re looking for. With that in mind, we’ve assembled some of our favorite lures for smallmouth bass for you to have a look at, plus put together some of the key features to watch out for when you’re in the market for a new lure so that you have all the information you need to make the best choice.

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Bomber Lures Fat Free Shad Crankbait Bass Fishing Lure

If you like to know the pedigree of a product, you’re buying then this a good one to think about. A proven tournament winner this lure means business and a great deal of attention has gone into making sure that this lure lives up to its reputation for quality and success. This deep-diving crankbait is a versatile option that you could easily use to go after a range of fish including pike, bass, and walleyes, so if you’re a beginner who's caught the fishing bug this could be a great investment in your tackle box. This model has stellar swimming action thanks to the clear lip on the front. The lure’s two treble hooks are very sharp and any fish that thinks the lure looks like a nice snack is certainly going to know about them, but they have more than enough strength to keep them at the end of your line for long enough to haul them out. The hooks have also been specially designed to bite deeper so fewer fish can wriggle free, which is one of the key features that has led to the lure’s tournament success. The lure comes in a nice range of colors so there’s something to suit everyone in every location and the highly detailed reflective finish is sure to catch the eye of any passing bass.

The lure features a built-in rattle which is sure to make bass flock to you, and while the lure is large enough to attract the attention of the larger fish it’s been designed to dive deeply and quickly with minimal effort on your part. This is a great lure that novices and seasoned anglers will both enjoy, but its not the best option for heavy vegetation as it tends to get caught. It’s a great value product though with a proven track record and durable enough to be a worthy addition to any tackle box.


  • Proven track record

  • Durable and strong

  • Sharp hooks that bite deep

  • Range of colors available

  • Great value


  • Not great for vegetation

Bomber Lures Fat Free Shad Crankbait Bass Fishing Lure
  • Big & bulky profile moves with ease
  • Built-in rattles create an underwater sound wave
  • Detailed light-reflective color patterns
  • Super-sharp lip-gripping Excalibur Tx3 hooks


Fishcm Softbait Wiggle Shad Soft Plastic Swimbait Fishing Lure Smallmouth Bass Perch 3' Blue, Silver,Red (Silver) Pack of 5pcs

If you’re just beginning then there’s no need to feel like you have to start going after the largest smallmouth bass immediately. It’s sometimes a good idea to start off with the smaller and medium fish before having a crack at the big ones as this gives you a chance to practice your skills and master the trickier aspects of angling. Hunting the smaller fish can be as exciting and rewarding as the real monsters, but to have a hope of success you need the right bait. If you’re not feeling the giant fish than this bait might be just the sort of thing you need, a versatile soft bait that the smallmouth bass love to smash when it’s pulled through the water but plenty of other species also love. As you get more practiced you may also find this option perfect for catching baitfish for the larger species, so it’s a useful lure to have around.

The action of this lure is superb with a tail and body that mimic the real swimming action in the water, and clearly, the bass thinks so too because it’s highly effective and a great way to get a great catch even when you’re still learning. The holographic flash inserts catch the light excellently and will certainly grab the attention of any passing bass, and the effort that has gone into the realistic detail of this option certainly is an incentive for the fish to bite. The 3D eyes are very lifelike, and this option comes in a pack of 5 so losing a few to the fish or damage from rocks and vegetation isn’t a big deal. This is a great option for the beginner who doesn’t feel ready for the large fish, but they’re still useful to have in your tackle box thanks to their versatility and superb action.


  • Multipack

  • Great for beginners who want to catch small or medium-sized fish

  • Very realistic

  • Versatile

  • Effective


  • More experienced anglers probably want something a bit more heavy-duty

Fishcm Softbait Wiggle Shad Soft Plastic Swimbait Fishing Lure Smallmouth Bass Perch 3" Blue, Silver,Red (Silver) Pack of 5pcs
  • Length:7.6cm/3in Weight:2.1g/0.07oz
  • there are three color you can choose : red/blue/Silver
  • Material: High Quality Silicone,Ribbon tail design swims naturally on the fall with twitches and short hops
  • Supple body with round head, wiggle paddle tail, salt and scent Impregnated.
  • Work great for drop shotting. Also ideal for weightless, weedless rig. Even the easiest rig will make it a bass magnets.


Dr.Fish 6 Pack Soft Body Swimbait Paddle Tail Soft Plastic Lure Shad Lure, Multiple Sizes Colors, Weedless Bass Crappie Trout Fishing Worm

Another incredibly realistic option, this soft bait lure comes from Dr. Fish and seasoned anglers and beginners will be impressed by the level of quality and detail this 6 pcs multipack has. It’s another versatile option that’s available in a wide range of colors so you’ll be able to find something that entices the fish where your fishing. The detailed painting and 3D eyes make it easy to see why this lure is so effective against the smallmouth bass, and the holographic inserts certainly get attention. As it comes with 6 pieces losing the odd lure doesn’t make too much of a difference, and they’re durable enough thanks to their silicon construction for this to be a great value option even to beginners on a smaller budget.

The silicone construction means that the lure remains soft to entice the fish onto the hook, but it’s still robust enough to handle the toothier fish. You can use this lure for a range of species and they come in 3 different sizes from 2.67 inches to 3.9 inches so there’s plenty of range for you to be able to target the specific size fish you want to.

This is a great, effective lure that’s more durable than a lot of other similarly priced models available, and it would give both experienced anglers and beginners a great time. The lure has been designed o closely mimic a real fish’s swimming action and a lot of attention has been paid to how best attract the bass, with careful placement of the reflective patches and holographic inserts for maximum results.


  • Range of different sizes available

  • Great value and perfect for beginners and experienced anglers

  • More durable than most other similar lures

  • Very effective

  • Multipack for maximum value


  • The tail area is a little delicate

Dr.Fish 6 Pack Soft Body Swimbait Paddle Tail Soft Plastic Lure Shad Lure, Multiple Sizes Colors, Weedless Bass Crappie Trout Fishing Worm
  • Ultra realistic details including scale patterns, gill plates, 3D eyes and flash foil inserted in the belly. Fishes won't be able to ignore this lure.
  • Extremely lifelike swimming action. Features a hard-pounding paddle tail to create enticing kicks and wiggles to drive fishes crazy, luring them to attack.
  • Work great for drop shotting. Also ideal for weightless, weedless rig. Even the easiest rig will make it a bass magnets.
  • It is the perfect meal size for bass and other general freshwater species and rock fish.
  • Material: High Quality Silicone.


Rebel Lures Crickhopper Cricket/Grasshopper Crankbait Fishing Lure, 1 1/2 Inch, 1/4 Ounce

Rebel has an excellent reputation among anglers for crafting quality fishing equipment that can be relied upon to perform again and again, and this option doesn’t let them down. This is a cricket bait so they’re a little different to most other lures on the market and rebel have spent some effort making them as realistic as possible to entice the fish, and they must have done something right because they’ve got a proven track record for bringing the smallmouth bass out into the open and if you’re after an effective lure than this might be just what you need. The lure has a diving depth from 0-3 feet and it’s a versatile model that would be effective against a range of different freshwater fish species.

This lure gives an excellent impersonation of a live cricket thanks to the clear lip and moves erratically through the water in a way that definitely catches attention. This model comes in a range of different colors which gives you a great opportunity to work out what works well in your area. This is a very versatile lure that can be used to catch anything, so beginners may like them for the range of techniques they allow you to try out. It’s a great floater and it’s easy to work the surface of the water with, and you’re sure to catch plenty of different fish with this in your tackle box. If you’re a seasoned angler, why not try something a little bit different, and who knows? You may be pleasantly surprised.


  • Comes in a range of colors

  • Low diving depth

  • Great for working the surface of the water

  • Very life-like with excellent realistic features

  • Lifelike action with excellent erratic movement


  • Hooks can be hard to remove so pliers will need to be carried

Rebel Lures Crickhopper Cricket/Grasshopper Crankbait Fishing Lure, 1 1/2 Inch, 1/4 Ounce
  • Features a great side-to-side wiggle when cranked
  • Awesome profile and super-realistic paint patterns
  • Great for twitching, cranking, and more
  • Equipped with two super-sharp treble hooks


Strike King Tour Grade Swim Jigs Bait (Blue Gill, 0.25-Ounce)

Finally, we have this lovely hand-painted option from Strike King that gives a range of different weight options so you can pick the product best suitable to you and your needs. The lure includes a #10 hook that will be able to puncture pretty much anything you need it too and it’s strong enough to be an excellent help with aggressive fish. The hook is made from stainless steel which gives the lure its durability and strength, and you won’t find better against freshwater fish of all sizes.

The weight options on this model mean that it’s easy to find something that suits you and your situation. A lighter weight will give you more control of the lure which is useful depending on the weather conditions and protection of your fishing spot. If you’ve been struggling with length, then the heavier options may be able to increase your range as they’re easier to cast long distances. The lure has been designed to gain the attention of the bass by wigging in the water and vibrating fast enough to trigger the smallmouth bass’s feeding instinct as you move it past cover. The lure comes in a range of colors so there’s something to suit every situation.

This is an affordable option that offers excellent performance, and a wide range of different opportunities for personalization. If you’ve been struggling to entice the fish due to heavy cover than this is exactly what you’ve been looking for thanks to the innovative vibrating design. The range of colors and weight options mean that it’s suitable for more experienced fisherman as well as beginners. The well-thought-out design makes this a nicely versatile lure that has something to please everybody and is certainly effective enough to earn its place in most tackle boxes.


  • Range of weights available 

  • Range of colors available 

  • Durable and well made

  • Excellent swimming action 

  • High value 


  • Not suitable for seawater fishing

Strike King Tour Grade Swim Jigs Bait (Blue Gill, 0.25-Ounce)
  • The Strike King Tour Grade Swim Jig was designed by our Pro-Staff to help you catch more fish.
  • It includes a streamlined balanced head for better swimming action.
  • This head is painted and coordinated with the awesome Perfect Skirt.
  • Includes a medium wire ultra sharp hook.
  • Try a Rage Tail craw or the new Baby Rage Craw as a trailer and hold on. Bass love em'!

Best Lures For Smallmouth For Bass Buying Guide

Hopefully seeing some of the best options currently available will have been enough for you to find the perfect smallmouth bass lure and you’re already on your way to the water ready for an insane catch. If this isn’t quite where you’re at then don’t worry we’ve prepared some of the most important things to consider before you pick your lure so that you have all the info you need to make the best choice for you.


Remember that the size of the fish you want to catch determines the size of your lure. The bigger the fish, the bigger your lure. So, if you want to catch monster-sized fish, a smaller lure just won’t get you the results.


The color of your lure is more important than you might think when picking out your lure because one of the functions of the lure is ton convince the bass that it’s something worth taking a bite of. Most lures do this by imitating a food the fish like to eat, normally other fish. This usually means that your lure has to be painted in a lifelike way, but features like 3D eyes and metallic flakes help to catch the fish’s attention long enough for them to strike. If your lure doesn’t look like a prey animal, it needs to look shiny or reflective enough to catch the bass’s attention. Better quality lures will be more successful at this than cheaper ones because they’ll stay attractive for longer and be more reliable.


Most lures aren’t just good for one species but can be used for lots of different types of fish, so when you’re looking around for a lure thinking about what else you could use it for isn’t a bad idea. The versatility of a lure is a great way to save money so you can invest in a higher quality tackle that will last longer rather than constantly having to replace equipment, so it’s a feature worth looking out for even as a beginner. Look out for features that make the lure universally attractive to different fish, or what features it has that might make it useful when pursuing other fish species. Thinking about things like depth is useful here as some fish species like smallmouth vary their habits depending on the time of year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reuse lures?

One of the great things about lures is that as long as they’re not damaged or you don’t lose them then you can use them again and again. This is one of the reasons why it’s worth investing in lures rather than just going for the cheapest option, the more durable your lure is the more use you’ll get out of it.

What color lure should I use?

There are lots of different colors available, and picking the right one can seem impossible. Don’t just go for your favorite color though, think about where your fishing and what the conditions are like. In murky water, brighter colors will help the bass see your lure, whereas in clearer water bright colors can seem unnatural so dimmer colors are a better fit